Introduction to Christian Education
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kara Powell
January 1, 2002
"Practical Theology Methodology"

I.   Defining and Describing Practical Theology
A.   Theology in general
1.   theos = God
2.   logos = word (aka study)
B.   Practical theology
1.   Other theology: moves from a theory into practice
a.   The Problem: Average of follower of Christ takes practice and moves to theology
2.   Practical Theology: Takes practice and moves into theory
3.   The theologian and the church stands besides each other
4.   Practice vs. Praxis
a.   Practice = the methods and means by which we apply a skill or theory
b.   Praxis = when the final purpose (telos) is realized
c.   Examples
a.   Practice is building a house with the intention of being a home, and then drug users come into it and use it as a drug house
b.   Praxis is a building a house with the intention of being a home, and it actually does become a place of love
d.   Christopraxis = work the is aligned with the kingdom and teachings of Christ
C.   Wesleyan Quadrilateral
1.   Wesleyan theory of how we know God
2.   Attributes
a.   Scripture
b.   Tradition - Church history,
c.   Reason - Logic
d.   Experience/Relationships - Holy Spirit's promptings