Adult Development & Spiritual Formation
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
April 26, 2003
"Finishing Well"

I.   Characteristics of Those Finishing Well
A.   Maintain a personal vibrant relationship with God
1.   Why is it that the older we get the more rigid we get?
2.   The question that needs to be asked then is if most people get like this why will I be any different? What am I going to put in my life that will keep me from becoming like this?
3.   The ironic switch
a.   When we are young all we do is focus on the future
b.   When we are old all we do is focus on the past
c.   When will I live for the present?
B.   Maintain a learning posture & many sources
C.   Evidence Christ-likeness in character by the fruit of the Spirit in their lives
D.   Live out Truth so that convictions and promises of God are seen to be real
E.   Leave behind one or more ultimate contributions
F.   Walk with a growing awareness of a sense of destiny and begin to see it fulfilled
II.   Barriers to Finishing Well
A.   The Barriers
1.   Finances - Their use and abuse
2.   Power - Its abuse
3.   Pride - Which leads to downfall
4.   Sex - Illicit relationships
5.   Family - Critical issues
6.   Plateauing - Taking strengths for granted
7.   Emotional wounding and reactions to it
B.   Again the question is how will I make sure these will not bring my downfall
III.   Enhancing Good Finishes
A.   Lifetime Perspective
B.   Renewal Experiences
C.   Disciplines of All Kings
D.   Well-Developed Learning Posture
E.   Mentoring (both sides)