Introduction to Christian Education
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kara Powell
January 1, 2002
"Leadership Emergence Theory"

I.   Definitions
A.   Leadership - influencing a group toward God's purposes for the group
B.   Leadership Emergence Theory - the belief that God develops a leader over a lifetime, using events and people to impress leadership lessons upon a leader
II.   Bobby Clinton's 6 Phases of Leaders
A.   LeadershipEmergenceSovereign Foundations
1.   God working through family, environment and historical events
2.   Begins at birth
3.   Moses in Exodus 2:1-15
4.   Personal Reflection: I think I am shaped by numerous things, although primarily with regards to my Christian walk, I have been shaped by my parents divorce, awesome teachers in the church, and good accountability
B.   Inner Maturing
1.   Seeking to know God in a more personal way
2.   Growing in discernment and obedience often from testing experiences
3.   Moses in Exodus 3:1-4, 14
C.   Ministry Maturing
1.   The leader reaches out to others and gains training or experience
2.   Moses in Exodus 7-12
D.   Life Maturing
1.   The leader is using his spiritual gift in a satisfying and fruitful ministry
2.   Moses in Exodus 34:1-9
E.   Convergence
1.   The leaders gift-mix and experience are maximized
2.   Moses in Exodus 34:1-9
F.   Afterglow
1.   An air of recognition and influence at broad levels
III.   Bobby Clinton's 8 Categories for Growth
A.   Word process item - A word from God that affects the leaders life or philosophy
B.   Literary process item - God teaches leaders through the writings of others
C.   Mentoring
D.   Contextual process item - Local, national, and international situations that affect the leader
E.   Paradigm shift process item - The leader used to view God, relationship, etcÉ a certain way and now views it another way
F.   Ministry Conflict
G.   Leadership Backlash - Negative reactions from followers (I would really like to be liked by everybody, but I am not, and how I react to that affects how I am a leader)
H.   Crisis