Introduction to Christian Education
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kara Powell
January 1, 2002
"Howard Hendrix Video"

The name of the game in Christianity is not knowledge but obedience
I.   Kind of Activity that is meaningful
A.   Activity needs to have direction not dictatorship
B.   Activity that lays constant stress on function
C.   It is activity that is planned with a purpose
D.   It concerns itself with the process as well as the product
1.   If you only give students a product you limit them to your own limitations
2.   If you involve them in the process they will be able to go beyond your level
E.   Activity is realistic and lifelike
1.   Christians are answering questions nobody is asking
2.   The stuff that is kicking the crap out of everyone the church never talks about
F.   Activity that involved problem solving
1.   Where is the student?
2.   What is he/she struggling with? What temptation are they struggling with?
II.   We are all free to make our choices, but we are not free to choose our consequences
A.   Option #1 - you can make a product
B.   Option #2 - you don't just teach them what, you teach them how
1.   The student will surpass what you teach them
2.   There is great growth
III.   Study the life of the Savior