Introduction to Christian Education
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Kara Powell
January 1, 2002
"Effective Teaching by Chris Brown"

"   Those who are the storytellers will hold the power in the next couple of decades
"   Three Things Chris Focused on
   Highly relational
   Quality worship
   In-depth, long teaching
"   Three things Hollywood/Southern California cannot compete
   Genuine relationships
   Real worship (encountering a living God)
   Teaching of the Living Word
"   There is a difference between a good teacher and a great teacher
   Good teacher hold the students attention for a long period of time
   Great teacher hold the students participation for a long period of time
"   There is a danger when you become the story and not the instrument of the story
   Are people walking away thinking I taught a good story
   Are people walking away thinking the story was a good story
"   When observing the scripture always be asking why with every aspect of the text
   Space was such a commodity in that time period why is there what there is in the Bible - nothing more, nothing less
"   Once you have gone through the text and think you know what the text is saying - then you go to research the text
   God has given you the ministry you need to the people who need you and let God speak through you
"   It is very essential to discuss with your boyfriend/girlfriend/fianc!" what their role within your ministry will be
   His wife owns his ministry; this way she does not feel like she competes with his ministry but owns it
   Doesn't put false lights at the end of the tunnel (well once we get through this stage then it will be ok - those never come - there is always something else)
   I don't think God has given us ministries to harm our wives with
"   If you are doing ministry well you should be receiving criticism
   If you really are trying to be like Christ, you will be being nailed to the wall also
   It doesn't come from the unsaved - you will get it from those are saved
   Seek lonely places with God to assure what you are suppose to do
   Do I know who I am in Christ - do I have confidence in my relationship
"   Three questions to ask yourself when receiving criticism
   Is it theological (this must be worked out)
   Is it a problem ethically (this must be worked out)
   Is it philosophical (we might not need to work this out - you can leave the relationship)
"   James 3:1 - sums it all up