Christian Values in Human Sexuality
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Steve Gerali
April 19, 2005

I.   Terminology
A.   Homophobia – it isn't just a fear of homosexuals, but negative attitudes or actions towards homosexuality or homosexuals
B.   Homoeroticism – it is another term for homosexuality, predominance of cognition and attraction towards members of the same gender
C.   Gender Identity Confusion
1.   This does not necessarily mean an individual is a homosexual
2.   A person who is gender confused can engage in homosexual acts, but not necessarily be a homosexual
D.   Bi-sexuality
1.   Someone who has a homosexual orientation, prior to exclusive sexual orientation
2.   Equal orientation – equal members of both sex, followed by equal amount of contact
E.   Passing – a learned homosexual strategy of leading a double lifestyle
F.   Lovers – term that is used for a partner
G.   Ego-dystanic homosexuality – Consistent and marked distress over ones sexuality
II.   Biblical Passages
A.   Lev 18:22
B.   Lev 20:13
C.   Gen 1:27
D.   Rom 1:22-27
III.   In the Greek
A.   There is no Greek word for homosexual perversion
B.   There is a Greek word for hetero sexual perversion
IV.   Clinfelters SydromePsyco analyitical theory – influence by your parents