Adult Development & Spiritual Formation
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
April 22, 2003
"Spiritual Disciplines: Service & Secrecy"

I.   Service - To energize ourselves for the good of others with no regard for what our reward will be
A.   Benefits
1.   Enables us to love effectively
2.   Frees us from self obsessions
3.   Giving vast peace
B.   Study
1.   Philippians 2:1-11
C.   Practice
1.   Deliberate commitments to roles or tasks
2.   Spontaneous activity
3.   Aware of needs/opportunities for God's grace to flow to and through us anytime, anywhere to anyone
II.   Secrecy - To refrain from letting our good deeds be known
A.   Benefits
1.   Teaches us to be content without human approval
2.   Develops humility
3.   Teaches how we can frustrate the Kingdom in our lives
B.   Study
1.   Matthew 6:1-17
C.   Practice
1.   Do good deeds without anyone knowing
2.   Without calling any attention to ourselves