History of Modern Philosophy
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. John Culp
April 26, 2004

A.   Three Major Concepts of Nietzsche
1.   Death of God
a.   The principle behind this is that God is no longer significant in culture
b.   He was announcing what had happened, not necessarily making the claim that he personally feels God is dead
c.   Practical Atheist
i.   Doesn't give arguments why you shouldn't believe in God
ii.   Only points to the fact that no one in culture believes in God so lets figure out how to work
d.   The Positive
i.   It opens up a way for people to experience life fully
ii.   As long as Christianity is the dominant force in culture, humanity will never achieve all it can be
2.   Nature of Human Existence
a.   Becoming, Force, or Power (energy)
b.   This energy and drive is necessarily always good
c.   It needs to be driven by the will
d.   The will enables us to take our "energy" and direct it into art and then becomes useful - according to Nietzsche Christianity doesn't do this
3.   New Morality that is Required by Human Nature
a.   Life affirming
b.   Direct the will to control the energy - not deny it
c.   Characteristics of Master Morality (find characteristics)
B.   Understanding of Christianity
1.   Critique of Christianity (Baird Reading)
a.   Paragraph 2 - What is more harmful than any vice? Active pity for all the failures and the weak: Christianity"
b.   Paragraph 3 - It opposes the times when the "super-man" (one who can make their own values) has appeared in history
c.   Paragraph 4 - Not only have they opposed the "super-mans," they have labeled them as evil, making it more difficult for them to prosperous
d.   Paragraph 5 - It contradicts the instinct of strong individuals to preserve themselves
e.   Paragraph 6 - Corrupts the reason for those who are strong so they think they should be weak and not strong
f.   Paragraph 7 - Affirms values that lose the human instinct for growth and accumulation of power
i.   Affirms pity - which it looses strength
ii.   Preserves what should be destroyed by the law of survival
g.   Paragraph 62 - Creates stress in order to ensure its own survival
i.   Creates stress with the doctrine of sin (incapable of doing good)
ii.   Creates stress by talking about how people are equal before God
iii.   Creates stress by advocating holiness
C.   What Nietzsche might say to the church today
1.   Caught up in emotional feelings, and doesn't pay any attention in reflection or thought, even about what the Gospel means
2.   The Church is very individualistic with very little concern about the needs of others
II.   Comparison between Kierkegaard & Nietzsche