History of Modern Philosophy
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. John Culp
April 23, 2005
"James & Pragmatism"

NOTE: Check all of these in Stumpf for accuracy - nothing was recorded with confidence
I.   Pragmatic Method
A.   Pg 232 - It interprets the notion by tracing its practical consequences
B.   Pg 234 - The pragmatic method develop a program as an indication to the ways in which realities can be changed
C.   Pragmatic method - you come to truth by means of testing concrete differences
1.   Develop hypothesis
2.   Try out the hypothesis
3.   If the test indicates your hypothesis is correct than the theory is true
II.   Pragmatic Theory of Truth
A.   236 - (truth)
B.   237 - Truth is plastic (can be shaped in different ways)
C.   238 - Genetic theory of truth
D.   240 - Idea is true as long as believing it is possible for our life
E.   241 - Truth is what is better for us to believe
F.   242 - truth is what works best in way of leading us, what fits every part of life best, and combines the collectively of experiences of what is demand, nothing be omitted
III.   Two factors
A.   There must be consequences to truth
B.   Those consequences must be evident to everyone
C.   Truth has to build on experiences and cannot be built simply on one singular expierence