History of Modern Philosophy
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. John Culp
January 30, 2004
"Descarte Philosophical Method"

I.   Descartes is the father of modern philosophy
A.   He brought together ???
B.   Bacon & Hobbes he uses a methodical approach
II.   Bacon's method (1561-1626)
A.   Collect data
B.   Organize and compare data
C.   Formulate general rules
D.   Test conclusions
III.   Descartes Method (1596-1650)
A.   How do you know something
1.   Distinct
2.   Clear
3.   Certain
B.   Knowledge does not come from an external source
C.   Method
1.   Start with known
2.   Divide problems into parts
3.   Move from simple to complete
4.   Be complete
IV.   Support for Descartes Method