Hebrew Prophets II
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Bruce Baloian
April 8, 2003

I.   Outline
A.   Prophetic Oracle (1:1-2:20)
1.   Oracle Proper (1:1)
2.   Oracle Proper (1:2-2:20)
a.   Twofold Dialogue between Yhwh and Prophet (1:2-2:5)
i.   First Round (1:2-11)
1)   Prophet's Complaint: wicked Israel is not judged (1:2-4)
2)   Yhwh's Answer: I will judge through Babylon (1:5-11)
ii.   Second Round (1:12-2:5)
1)   Prophet's Complaint: Babylon is more wicked (1:12-17)
2)   Yhwh's Answer: I'll judge them too in time (2:1-5)
b.   Woe Oracle (2:6-20)
B.   Psalm (3
1.   Introduction (3:1)
2.   Psalm Proper (3:2-19c)
a.   Invocation (3:2a-b)
b.   Supplication (3:2c-e)
c.   Hymn of Praise to Yhwh's Power to Judge (3:3-15)
d.   Psalmist's Response (3:16-19c)
3.   Colophon (19d)
II.   Chapter 1
A.   The prophet realizes his people need to be judged
B.   God's response is it is Israel's enemies that will be implementing the judgment
C.   The prophet realizes that Israel's enemies deserve more judgment than Israel
III.   Chapter 2
A.   Verse 1-5
1.   The answer to the prophet is coming, but not immediately
2.   A few short generations after this, Babylon was destroyed by Persia
3.   The reason for delay is so that faith can take place
4.   Luke 18:1-8
B.   Verse 6-ff - pronouncement on Babylon
IV.   Chapter 3
A.   Very huge similarities between chapters 1-2 & 3
B.   Probably written at the same time
C.   Verse 2
1.   Don't leave Israel
2.   Make sure they survive
D.   Verse 17 - Even though there is nothing, I will praise the Lord
V.   Habakkuk may not be a book written to Americans, but maybe it should be a book we remember