Adult Development & Spiritual Formation
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
March 13, 2003
"Solitude & Prayer"

I.   Solitude: Electing to step free from human relationships for an extended period of time, in isolation or anonymity, to make room for occupation of our lives by God [the primary discipline]
A.   Benefits
1.   Focus on God
2.   Clear minds
3.   Open place for other disciplines including prayer and study
4.   Intensified Sabbath meaning
5.   Breaks the power of "hurry"
6.   Discovery that the world does not rest on our shoulders
7.   Eliminates distractions
B.   Study
1.   Matthew 4:1-2
2.   Luke 4:42, 5:16, 6:12, 9:28
3.   Exodus 3:1
4.   Deut 5:12-15
C.   Practice
1.   Get sufficient time regularly in a set place
2.   Making sure legitimate responsibilities are cared for
D.   Dangers
1.   Insensitivity to others depended on us
2.   Avoidance of responsibilities
3.   Introverted indulgences
4.   Turning solitude into work to avoid doing nothing
II.   Prayer: To stay in action with God by asking, waiting, and receiving
A.   Benefits
1.   Removes habit of self-reliance and despair that comes from the "mind of the flesh"
2.   Engages our will throughout God's world
3.   Trains us to reign with Him eternally
4.   Builds our faith and makes the spiritual world a reality
B.   Study
1.   Romans 8:6-7
2.   Luke 18:1-8
3.   Matthew 7:1-12
4.   Luke 22:31-32
C.   Practice
1.   Focus specifically on your request (asking)
2.   Enlist others in the prayer cause
3.   Stick with it
D.   4 Answers to Prayer
1.   No, I love you too much
2.   No, not yet
3.   Yes, I thought you'd never ask
4.   Yes, and here's more