Adult Development & Spiritual Formation
Azusa Pacific University
Dr. Dick Pritchard
January 14, 2003
"Being Spiritual Formed Through Silence"

I.   Spiritual Formation - the process of being conformed in community to the image of Christ for the sake of others
II.   Day of Silence Form
A.   Phases of Prayer
1.   Let yourself be loved by God (most important)
2.   Praise, Adoration & Thanksgiving
3.   Meditation - Biblical Passages (below)
a.   Identify with someone in the passage
b.   What is the Lord saying to me
c.   Substitute your name for Israel/Jacob
d.   Pray Intercession & Petition
B.   First Session of Silence
1.   Psalm 103 - Fear (defined)
a.   Silent Wonder
b.   Radical Amazement
c.   Affectionate Awe
2.   Psalm 104 - Goodness
3.   Psalm 139:1-18
4.   Isaiah 43:1-5
5.   Matthew 6:25-34
6.   Luke 12:6-7
7.   Ephesians 1:3-16
8.   1John 4:16-19
9.   Psalm 131
C.   Insight Given by Manning
1.   Each time you fail to live as I [Jesus] promised; why do you think I love you the less -Song
2.   When you go to pray, you are not trying to get anywhere, you're already there
3.   We move each day from crisis to crisis, responding to the urgent; neglecting the essential -Brennan Manning
D.   Second Session of Silence
1.   Jeremiah 18:1-6
2.   Isaiah 49:14-16
3.   Song of Solomon 2:10-14
4.   Luke 12:22-32
5.   John 15:1-5
6.   Romans 8:31-39
7.   Hebrews 4:14-16
8.   Jeremiah 29:11-14
9.   Psalm 116
a.   Connect words of the Psalm to own experience
b.   Write your own Psalm of thanksgiving
III.   Co-Dependency - "Throwing the full weight of your existence on anyone or anything other than Jesus Christ." - Brennan Manning
A.   Within the church
1.   Those who begin to consider themselves followers of the "pastor" (i.e. "I go to John MacArthur's Church"
2.   Pastors who need the affection of their congregation to thrive off of
a.   This attracts very needed people
b.   Isn't healthy for either party
B.   Within relationships
IV.   Personal Identity
A.   The true self finds identity in belovedness -Brennan Manning
B.   The imposter [false self] is based on achievement and approval -Brennan Manning
1.   Can I tell when the false self shows up
2.   "The reason why people cannot have silence in their life is because they have an insecurity about people liking them. If we only had the same confidence in saying Ôno' as we do when we say Ôeyes,' we would realize that it is not their approval we are looking for."
C.   "I will not pray for that for you. Clarity is the last thing you are holding on to for controlÉand what you need is trust." -Mother Teresa's Response to a Request for Prayer for Clarity
V.   Issues of Being Spiritually Formed
A.   Process vs. Instantaneous
1.   People in the church are not always comfortable when we are in "process;" they want to hear results and that I have it all figured out
2.   We want testimony over victory not testimony about being in the midst of it
3.   Are we looking for an end result or are we looking for people going through the process
B.   God's Control vs. Our Control
C.   Us in His Image vs. Him in Our Image
D.   For Others/With Others vs. Privatized Religion