UBBL343: General Epistles
Azusa Pacific University

Mr. Matt Hauge

This course covers Hebrews, James, I and II Peter, and Jude as they relate to the theological and ethical content of Christianity. Meets general studies core requirement for God's Word and the Christian Response. Prerequisite(s): completion of 100- and 200-level general studies requirement or instructor's permission

Class Essay
Jude 8-11: An Exegetical Paper

1 Introduction to General Epistles
2 History of the Jews
3 Introduction to Hebrews
4 Purpose of Hebrews
5 Methods of Hebrews
6 Anti-Semitism & the New Testament
7 Greco-Roman World
8 Survey of 1Peter
9 Suffering As Christ
10 Descent of Christ
11 Survey of Wisdom Literature
12 Survey of James
13 Ethics of James
14 The Poor & the Wealthy in James
15 Survey of 2Peter
16 Apocalyptic Traditions
17 Pseudonymity Authorship
18 Canoncity