UBBL311: Hebrew Prophets I
Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Gerald Wilson

This course offers a critical and exegetical study of the pre-exilic prophets, with special consideration given to the social, political, and religious conditions of their times. Attention is given to the ministry and message, both for their time and the present age. Meets general studies core requirement for God's Word and the Christian Response. Prerequisite(s): completion of 100- and 200-level general studies requirements or instructor's permission

Class Essay
The Case for Jonah's Historicity

Class Essay
Jonah vs. Jonah

1 Sociological Context of Prophecy
2 Ancient Near East Background: Mesopotamian Omenology
3 Ancient Near East Background - Mesopotamian Oracular Prophecy
5 Rise of Classical Prohpecy
6 Rise of Classical Prophecy
7 Historical Background to 8th Century Prophets
8 Introduction to Amos
9 Introduction to Hosea
10 Introduction to Isaiah