POLI150: American Government
Azusa Pacific University

Mr. Jonathon Pyles

This course is a study of the institutions and processes of American government on the local, state, and national levels. This course meets the state requirement for U.S. history and government. Meets the general studies core requirement for Heritage and Institutions.

Class Essay
The Patriot Act and Its Effects on American's Constitutional Rights

1 The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution
2 Fedearlism
3 Public Opinion and the Media
4 Factions
5 Campaigns and Elections
6 Congress
7 The Presidency
8 The Supreme Court
9 The Cabinent
10 The Bureaucracy
11 Civil Liberties

Election 2004 Transcripts, Audio & More
1st Presidential Debate - Transcripts | MP3 | MOV (coming)
1st Vice-Presidential Debate - Transcripts | MP3 | MOV (coming)
2nd Presidential Debate - Transcripts | MP3 | MOV (coming)
3rd Presidential Debate - Transcripts | MP3 | MOV (coming)
The INFAMOUS 'This Land is Our Land' Parody (It's Hilarious)
The NEW 'It's Good to be in DC' Parody (It's Sort-of Funny)
Political Conversation Between My Friend Lissa (Non-Christian, Kerry Supporter) & Myself (Christian, Bush Supporter)
George Bush's Website: http://www.georgewbush.com
John Kerry's Website: http://www.johnkerry.com
President Match (non-partisan): http://presidentmatch.com

Other elements pertaining to class
SB 1234 - California Senate Bill
Constitutional Convention Timeline
Gallup.com - How Gallup Does Their Polls