JMEC360: Introduction to the Modern Middle East
Jerusalem University College

Mr. Oded Yinon

A study of the Middle East situation of the past two centuries, addressing the topics of Zionism, Arab nationalism, and Islamic fundamentalism. Special consideration is given to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

1 Introduction to the Modern Middle East
2 Islam and the Middle East
3 Very Brief History of the Middle East
4 Middle East & the Ottoman Empire
5 Yom Kippur War of 1967
6 The Fall of the Ottoman Empire
7 Rise of Modern Israel & the Final Fall of the Ottoman Empire
8 The Arab-Israel Conflict

Statistical Resources

Modern Middle East Statistical Workbook PDF | XLS
(above link combines and organizes statistics from the sources below
OECD Aid Charts for 1999-2001
CIA Fact File
World Development Index Report (WDI)
International Monetary Fund Reporty (IMF)