JGEO330: Physical Settings of the Bible
Jerusalem University College

Dr. Paul Wright

A study of the physical features of the land of the Bible, stressing geographical factors affecting settlement and communication in the vaiours regions. Preparatory map study and class previews provide the background to each trip in the field. Relevant archaelogical, historical, and biblical material is correlated with sites, roads, and features of each region. Regions studied and visited include Jerusalem, Benjamin, Judah, Shephelah, Sharon Plain, Samaria, Galilee, the Jordan and Jezreel Valleys, Golan Heights, Negev, Philistia, and Transjordan (Gilead, Medabah Plateau, Moab, and Edom). This course is required for all undergraduate students.

1 The Land of the Bible
2 Central Benjamin Plateau
3 Judah/Shephelah/Philistia
4 Galilee
5 Jordan/Negev