CMIN466: Adult Development & Spiritual Formation
Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Dick Pritchard

The course examines the process and contexts by which adults mature. Subject areas include: biblical and theological foundations for adult development and education, and adult characteristics, needs, life cycles, and learning patterns. The course emphasizes community and individuals. Prerequisite: CMIN 206 or instructor's permission

1 Being Spiritual Formed Through Silence
2 Renovation of the Heart
3 Capacity for Intimacy
4 The Process of Life
5 The Mind We Worship With
6 The Process of Life (cont.)
7 Personality and Spirituality
8 Stages of Faith
9 Confession & the Season of Lent
10 Solitude & Prayer
11 Tolerance
12 Spiritual Discipline: Frugality & Sacrifice
13 Satan
14 Spiritual Disciplines: Service & Secrecy
15 Finishing Well