CMIN401: Christian Ministries Internship I
Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Dick Pritchard & Dr. Steve Gerali

This course develops a student's ability to blend Christian theology and Christian practice by integrating classroom learning, hands-on practice, spiritual formation, mentoring, and critical reflection on the practice of the Christian faith. Course work covers: biblical and theological foundations of Christian practice, the context in which the Christian faith is to be practiced, and the dynamic relationship between the two. Students are required to serve an average minimum of 8 hours per week in hands-on field experience. Students must also participate in small groups for reflection, mentoring, and spiritual formation. Prerequisites: CMIN 108, CMIN 206, THEO 303, and at least two general studies Bible courses

CASE STUDY: Abuse Inside the Church
CASE STUDY: Ordained Infidelities
CASE STUDY: Idolatrous Worship
CASE STUDY: Answering Cries for Help
CASE STUDY: Crisis Pregnancy
1 Introduction to Internship
2 Inventory Result