UBBL476: Women in Biblical Tradition
Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Kathryn Smith

This is an upper-division humanities course that introduces the student to the rich history of the interpretation of biblical writings. The focus rests on the ways in which the various faith communities, Jewish as well as Christian, received the writings, rendered them comprehensible and relevant to contemporary concerns, and passed them on to subsequent generations. The chronological range covered by this course begins during the biblical period itself and extends to the present day. Prerequisite: completion of a 300-level Old Testament or New Testament course or instructor's permission

Class Essay
Gender Issues from a Biblical Perspective: A Response to Evangelical Feminism

1 Introductino to Women in Biblical Tradition
2 The Patriarchy (Method and Meaning)
3 Gender and Social Roles
4 The Story of Eve
5 Women as Matriarchs
6 Women as Matriarchs
7 Women at Work: Midwives
8 Women of Leviticus
9 Women at War
10 Tale of Two Women
11 The Barren Woman
12 The Temptress Woman
13 Woman as Oracle
14 Women Who Traveled with Jesus
15 Women and Paul the Apostle
16 Paul & Women