Juni & Yolanda at El Pandito


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  • Engki on 2014-Apr-11 19:39:10 Engki said

    Finally checked out the Spice House toghint the veg. samosas, served with tamarind sauce and mint chutney, were very good nice flaky crust, not greasy at all (and both sauces were wonderful), chicken chettinadu v. flavorful if not particularly remarkable the people at the next booth, however, ordered the Hyderabadi biryani and were raving about it. They are in the process of expanding the restaurant into the space previously occupied by the grocery, so apparently business is good. (Altho' they need to do something about reducing the draft from the front door even way in the back I felt it every time the door opened on this cold night.)
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  • Ann on 2014-Apr-14 03:38:00 Ann said

    I notice that you spend a lot of time <a href="http://erxlnhziuz.com">exprilong</a> the west side of town (thanks!). I also notice that there is no official Greek category on your site yet. Might I suggest #1 Gyro Shoppe and Greek Village Gyros & Donuts? Both are on W. Broad St. near Wilson Ave.Thanks so much for the great work you're doing. I'm really excited to have found your site, and I've discovered some wonderful west side eateries after reading your reviews.
  • Milena on 2014-Apr-16 07:46:38 Milena said

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