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Total Flight Hours: 105.9

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    Start Date Aircraft Hobbs Land F.Land Type Rules X-Country Instructor End Date
  1 2010-03-25 21:00:00 Cessna N73924 0.7 6 6 Student VFR No Kewrin Day 2010-03-25 21:42:00
  METAR KPDK 240053Z 27005KT 10SM CLR
13/06 A3003 RMK AO2 SLP173 T01280056
  METAR KPDK 240153Z 27005KT 10SM CLR
13/06 A3005 RMK AO2 SLP180 T01280056
  Takeoff @ PDK: 20R. Stop and Gos @ PDK: 20R. Landing @ PDK: 20R. Initial night training. All went as plan. Feel comfortable with night operations.